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Saturday, 11 November 2017

The 9 apps that look best on the iPhone X

Apple has dramatically renewed the design of its smartphone with the launch of the brand-new iPhone X. It has a 5.8-inch OLED screen that covers the entire front of the device, from edge to edge. It has very small bevels. In addition, its back cover is made of glass to be compatible with wireless charging .

But the iPhone X has a controversial feature that has not pleased all the fans of the company of the bitten apple ... It has a frame in the upper front that is embedded in the OLED screen, and for some, it penetrates in excess.

Luckily, there are many developers who have decided to get down to work and make the most of "the ears" of the iPhone X to offer interesting features and functions.

Do you already have your new iPhone X? Do you want to know which applications are best viewed on your 5.8-inch OLED screen?

Optimized applications for the iPhone X


The official YouTube app is already compatible with the iPhone X, and allows you to use touch gestures on the screen to zoom on the videos and pinch on the screen to make it "ears tested".


Housecraft is a useful augmented reality application that will allow you to decorate your room with virtual furniture through the iPhone X screen.


The integration of Snapchat on the iPhone X is not perfect, you will find some elements that do not correspond to the place of the OLED screen. But he has big plans for the TrueDepth camera ...


The Medium application has also been updated to accommodate the very long OLED screen of the iPhone X. And how good it looks!


Halide is, without a doubt, the application that best uses the two upper corners of the OLED screen of Apple's iPhone X. Use "the ears" to show indicators of exposure values ​​and a histogram.


Are you looking for a calculator that looks like none on the screen of your iPhone X? Do not think twice, Numerical is what you are looking for.


How could it be otherwise, Instagram has been updated to receive compatibility with the large screen of the iPhone X. Now you can use touch gestures to zoom and the photos cover the entire screen.

The Witness

If there is a new game that you should try on the colorful OLED screen of the iPhone X, that is undoubtedly The Witness. A title of puzzles and adventures that takes full advantage of the size of the terminal.


And finally, another of the applications that has received an update with support for the iPhone X screen, is Facebook. The social network has changed its position some elements so that they do not interfere with the frame of the device. 

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