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Saturday, 4 November 2017

The accessories must have for your iPhone X

Probably you are one of those lucky people to have a new partner in your hands, obviously we talk about the iPhone X that many of you are already enjoying .

But of course, our partner will not be completely complete without a series of accessories that will make your device a real pack manzanero . We have prepared a series of accessories that are sure to delight you. Let's go with it.

The cover

We present you an endorsed by the brand Spigen, who knows how to make them like no one. His price is a claim, does not reach 10 euros and guarantees protection everywhere . In addition, being black, you will give an elegant touch to your new iPhone, although it is available in several colors.

IPhone X case, Spigen

Wireless charger

You will know that the iPhone X has the Qi standard for wireless charging. So do not hesitate, because there are several of us who are already using this UGREEN proposal. For a ridiculous price, it does not reach 18 euros, it is a very well designed, elegant device that fulfills its purpose .

Tempered Glass Protector

In case you do not know, the iPhone X screen is the most expensive component of this and repair it can go for more than 600 euros. So the best thing is not to gamble and take it properly protected . This pack of two units has great ratings and if you buy today you have it tomorrow at home.

Extreme battery

The new iPhone X comes with a battery that gives a range of 21 hours, 2 hours more than the iPhone 7. But as we know it is important to be prepared, we offer this external battery of 22,000 mAh , a bestiality that guarantees you Do not stay hung.

Extreme battery
Now is your time, what accessory do you consider essential for your new iPhone X? We want to see it in comments.

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