The animojis of the iPhone X devastate: the most viral videos on the internet -


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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

The animojis of the iPhone X devastate: the most viral videos on the internet

You spend more than a thousand euros on a phone and what really makes the difference, what authentically makes you happy, are some cartoons doing a karaoke. You know it and I know it, that I bought an iPhone 8 Plus and now I look with long teeth at your iPhone X while you are mounting your animojis karaokes. If one thing is clear: Apple knows what we like and goes straight to the jugular .

If the best of the iPhone X are the animojis! If we already liked the emojis at the time, if with the stickers we went a step further, if it is possible to say absolutely everything with a GIF ... but all that is very far behind what will be a new form of communication that has just landed: The animojis!

Imagine that you have suspended an exam ... because you do a montage with animojis to your parents, that you have to cut with your girlfriend ... the animojis have the answer. I do not tell you more, how well mounted you can even ask someone to marry with My heart will go on from Celine Dion .

The most viral videos of the animojis of the iPhone X

The iPhone X went on sale just 3 days ago and we have already been able to enjoy authentic works of art . And is that an animoji can with everything:

From the current political situation in Catalonia :

    please take this from me
    - no way jose (@josejacas) November 4, 2017

To the pearls of our illustrious president , Mariano Rajoy:

    something happens to my animoji
    - no way jose (@josejacas) November 4, 2017

To the best phrases of the Big Brother program:

    The last one for today xDDDDD
    - ερρendorf (@ Kinin0) November 4, 2017

And of course, the success of the perreo that we danced a few years ago, the mythical song of Dale more gasoline :

    Do not buy iPhone X.
    - Quinn Nelson (@SnazzyQ) November 5, 2017

Everyone likes animojis and how we can waste time with them :

    Animoji karaoke is my new favorite thing
    - Soragon (@soragon) November 3, 2017

Pure art!

    And then we proceeded to waste half our day. #animojikaraoke #iphonex #queen #bohemianrapsody #carriedaway
    - Mia Harrison (@ManxomeMia) November 4, 2017

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