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Sunday, 12 November 2017

The best city wallpapers for your iPhone

The city. That immense jungle of vehicles, asphalt and gigantic mountains in the shape of skyscrapers. Despite all its pollution, its excess population and its high decibels, cities have a special charm. They have something magical that is ideal to transform them into a beautiful wallpaper.

That is precisely why today, in iPadizate, we will share a great selection of city wallpapers for all the iPhone models available in the market.

Take a good look at this selection of wallpapers, maybe one of them will become your new favorite wallpaper . But if you do not find anything you like, do not worry, in our section of wallpapers for iPhone and iPad you have a wide variety of compilations.

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How to download wallpapers on your iPhone

Download the wallpapers of this wonderful collection is really easy. You will only have to follow this series of methods:

    Keep pressing your finger on the image in question and press "Save image".
    Click on the "Download" button included in each of the wallpapers.
    Click on each image to see its original size, then press and hold your finger on it and select "Save image".

How to install a wallpaper on your iPhone

Once you have downloaded your favorite city wallpapers on your iPhone, you will have to follow these steps to set a wallpaper on your home screen or on your iOS lock screen:

1. Open the Settings application on your iPhone.

2. Access the section Wallpaper.

3. Press the "Select another fund" option.

4. Choose your favorite wallpaper.

5. Choose between the "Static or Depth" options.

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