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Thursday, 2 November 2017

The best wireless chargers for the iPhone X

The arrival of the iPhone X is going to be a revolution in many aspects. It is the first iPhone for many years that is going to be a true total change in many aspects . Screen without borders and OLED, facial recognition, TrueDepth system and also wireless charging. It is true that the series 8 has already premiered with her.

That's why we went over the best wireless chargers for your next iPhone X

Wireless Chargers for iPhone X

Belkin F7U014vfSLV

- 15W Qi wireless charging, provides a charge up to 3 times faster than the industry standard: a very fast wireless charging solution.

-The matt surface offers a secure grip ; In addition, an LED indicator lights green when induction charging starts or in red when there are foreign objects.

-Designed to perform its function through most cases; It also has its efficient heat dispersion with a thermal protection sensor that guarantees safe operation.

Belkin F7U014vfSLV


-The fast wireless charger comes with QC 2.0 technology enabled, can provide an output of up to 10W for fast charging mode and charge up to 1.4 times faster than standard wireless charging.

-It also offers a standard charge of 5W, and has universal compatibility for Qi-enabled phones , and those with Qi available but require a receiver Qi / outer case.

-It is loaded quickly for phones provided with QI and QC, including the new iPhone . To achieve the best performance of fast charging, it is always advisable to use the original QC charger current.



-Fast wireless charging: the fast charging mode allows charging at double speed .

- Premium design: with LED indicators, it does not slip and is compact built to be easy and comfortable to load .

-Advanced security : Exclusive anchor multipro tect technology protects your device against overheating, short circuit, overvoltage and more.


Since these phones have this technology, why not take advantage of it? Remember that it has been a historical demand by Apple consumers . Or are you a classic that prefers cable? Your comments are expected.

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