The CEO of Microsoft laughs at the iPad "Buy yourself a real pc" -


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Tuesday, 14 November 2017

The CEO of Microsoft laughs at the iPad "Buy yourself a real pc"

That the iPad is a popular gadget is a fact. Launched to the market at the beginning of 2010, they were first seen with strange eyes . That was neither a computer nor a phone, it was something strange that received a lot of criticism from a large part of users and industry.

Time has given the reason to Cupertino, and not only for the fact of having achieved that the iPad is fully implemented in society , but in sectors as different as education, leisure and work. They are even used in aviation !

In another order of things, using the competition as a means to try to ridicule it is becoming a constant . Last week we had the opportunity to check with Samsung and its spot, which mocks the releases of the Cupertino.

Perhaps the last character to jump on the car of ridicule has been the CEO of Microsoft, the Indian Satya Nadella . The anecdote has been in his own country, when immersed inside the promotional tour of his book Hit Refresh, he saw two journalists who were using the Apple tablet . Nadella smiled mischievously and said to one of them: " Buy yourself a real PC, friend ."

Microsoft has great confidence in the products it manufactures, and is able to put its line of Surface tablets through the roof, arriving to disqualify the competition. Not content with that, he is also able to say that Apple copies everything that Microsoft does or that Mac computers remain little less than in diapers next to any PC with Windows 10.

Perhaps the efforts of the CEO of Microsoft should be more oriented to get your company back to what it was , rather than trying to mess with Apple with provocations that are not going to take you anywhere.

Via | cnet 

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