The Face ID of the iPhone X fails again and again -


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Sunday, 5 November 2017

The Face ID of the iPhone X fails again and again

Over the past few months we have been debating whether Face ID is more efficient than Touch ID . The answer to this dilemma is complex. It is extremely difficult to discern which method is faster, more effective or safer . But time will tell.

Recently we saw two brothers, who were not twins, managed to "cheat" the Face ID of Apple. According to one of them, he was using his brother's iPhone X for so long that the facial recognition system learned that he was the main user , and they did not look much like each other ...

Today it has happened again. Two brothers have managed to unlock the same iPhone X through facial recognition Face ID . Although this time they have used a little trick ... the glasses.

This brings us to a very dangerous conclusion for Apple ... Any user that is minimally similar to you could unlock your iPhone X? Is the Face ID a failure?

How two brothers have managed to cheat the Face ID

In this case, as you will see in the video, the brother who configured the Face ID on his iPhone X manages to unlock the terminal as expected. Then his brother tries to unlock the iPhone X and it does not work ... but then he puts on some glasses similar to those of his brother and the Face ID unlocks the iPhone X as if by magic . Do we have a problem, Apple?

Apple has pointed out on more than one occasion that the Face ID recognition system is extremely reliable and very effective. But every day that passes we realize that, perhaps, the company of the bitten apple should not have replaced Touch ID . Probably both technologies would have to coexist in the iPhone X.

For all those who have recently purchased an iPhone X, if you are worried about the security of your device you can always use a traditional alphanumeric password to unlock the terminal.

Source | Macrumors

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