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Thursday, 2 November 2017

The Face ID of the iPhone X is slower than the Touch ID

The new FaceID recognition system from Apple and that comes with the iPhone X unlocks an iPhone more slowly than did Touch ID.

Tom's Guide is one of the sites that has done the tests with an iPhone X for the evaluation this week, and its reviewer Mark Spoonauer measured the comparison between the Face ID and Touch ID with a stopwatch .

" I have been using Face ID on the iPhone X for more than 24 hours, and I do not need a stopwatch to tell you that the phone is unlocked slower than when I used Touch ID on my old iPhone 7 Plus. I used a stopwatch application anyway to test it . "

It took 1.2 seconds for Spoonauer to unlock the iPhone X until it pressed the side button on the side of the device and another 0.4 seconds to slide until it reached the lock screen, while to get to the start screen on an iPhone 7 Plus by Touch ID took 0.91 seconds.

When using Elevate to activate and slide on the screen as the iPhone is recognizing a face, the unlock was faster in a total of 1.16 seconds but Spoonaeur has found it to be slower than the Touch ID.

In a raw comparison like that, the Touch ID seems to be the fastest unlocking method, but as Matthew Panzarino of TechCrunch points out, in real day-to-day use, Face ID has advantages over Touch ID because it is a more agile interaction .

With Touch ID, to do something like open a notification, you need to take advantage of the notification and then use Touch ID to open the notification, a two-step gesture. With Face ID, recognize your face as the phone rises while the notification is being played.

Panzarino says that Face ID is slower when placed face to face with Touch ID, which is "much more fluid and faster to really" do things ".

Face ID is a first generation technology, since in a Touch ID principles it was also much slower than it is today. In the future, Face ID will improve and get much faster , but it seems to be a more natural biometric authentication method that does not require thought or attention to users once they get used to the way it works.

At this time, Face ID is only available to a select number of people who have achieved the first iPhone X review units, but once the sale is launched on Friday, we will have a better understanding of how it works and how it compares with the Touch ID in a real and everyday use.

Via | macrumors

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