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Friday, 3 November 2017

The Face ID of the iPhone X turns your phone into something for personal use

Many of you may not know it, but in the iPhone X there is an important limitation and it is in the Face ID: it only allows you to register a face. This can affect many as something very limiting , since the Touch ID allows users to register up to 10 fingerprints.

If we take the statistics made by the portal, most users have more than one fingerprint registered in one or more of their iOS devices. Almost half (48.98%) have another person registered, and another 6.85% have more than two people.

Comfort was the most common reason, for example, to be able to access the music application on your partner's phone while driving.

There are people who have their fingerprint registered on their device, their partner's device and their child's device. And the opposite case also, although it is not mine in particular. The parental control of the small devices of the house itself can be a compelling reason .

Emergency access to the phones of other family members is also a weighty reason. Although anyone can make a call to 112 with a locked phone, there are other types of emergencies where someone may need to urgently call a doctor , family member or similar.

And now the question is posed: why does Face ID only recognize one face? There has to be some reason for Apple to remove an existing feature , the biometric login for more than one person.

It seems that there must be some technical reason for this, and there is a clue in an Apple support document for Touch ID .

" Register up to five fingerprints. Each new impression can make fingerprint recognition take a little longer . "

Therefore, recognizing a fingerprint, of course, takes time, and having to verify multiple fingerprints naturally takes more time. Apple says "a little" more, but it's enough time for the company to feel it has to be warned in a consumer-oriented document.

Face ID is clearly a bigger technical challenge than Touch ID. Face ID requires that the iPhone X build a 3D model of our face and compare it with a stored one. Since Apple says that the Face ID can deal with different angles, different hairstyles, different clothing, different jewelry, it is clear that there is a lot of processing power involved .

We assume that doing all these checks for more than one person would make facial recognition noticeably slower than Touch ID, and Apple was concerned that consumers did not respond well to that . That, we think, is the real reason why Apple limits Face ID to one side only.

Via | 9to5mac

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