The iPhone 8 could come out much cheaper than you think -


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Wednesday, 1 November 2017

The iPhone 8 could come out much cheaper than you think

With all eyes on the brand new iPhone X , are not good times to be an iPhone 8 . The terminal launched just over a month ago and holds the dubious record of being the least sold iPhone compared to other S versions . Yes, we already know that Apple insisted on calling it iPhone 8 when in reality it should have been iPhone 7s.

And, who cares about the iPhone 8 with the iPhone X around the corner? Well, Apple could keep an ace up his sleeve to boost his discreet sales something.

Yesterday we received news that the iPhone 8 was selling so well in a market as hard as China , a historical fact for an Apple mobile and today we have discovered the real reason: discounts of up to $ 165 from the normal price .

Of course, one thing is to spend 800 and 900 euros respectively on a terminal that offers practically the same as a model from last year and another very different thing is to cut its prices to the current levels of the iPhone 7. There surely many people will They would dare to take the leap .

It is said, it is said, it is rumored ... that these discounts could reach the United States and, predictably, also to Europe. As detailed in The South China Morning Post the main online sales platforms are offering large discounts to their customers and that would be the real reason for the iPhone 8 is sweeping in China.

Of course, if sales are still so low and everything points to yes with the eclipse caused by the iPhone X, sellers will have to be more aggressive to remove the stock , so it would be a matter of time that this discount is global.

How about? Would you buy the iPhone 8 for 100-150 euros less than its current retail price?

Via | BGR

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