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Wednesday, 22 November 2017

the iPhone 9: user expectations

Edition of TechRadar counted with the presence of view of the users and the rumors about how the next iPhone will be.

Probably, in the year 2018 Apple will launch a smartphone that will occupy an intermediate position between the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X, as well as a renewed iPhone X2 in two sizes.

iPhone on 9 if it will come out later, you can continue with the design logic of iPhone 8. Many users have reported that they would like to see in the novelty:

the button start.
Before the future comes to an end and definitely, some Apple fans like to see a smartphone equipped with the "Home" button at the last time.
el iPhone 9: expectativas de los usuarios

AirPods, they enter the game. 

By activating wireless headphones in the basic set of, Apple is undoubtedly overtaking all competing companies. The owners of the new iPhone can finally listen to music and charge the phone at the same time.

Wireless charging 

To support that you will have to replace the back cover on the glass. Then the iPhone 9 will be beating as easy as 2017 model.

AMOLED screen. 

In 2017, rumors that Apple has enough resources to equip all models of good-screen iPhone. The calibration of the new bar requires six to eight months. And this means that for the month of September 2018, Apple could present the iPhone, equipped with an OLED screen, in the traditional design.

Double main camera. 

The system of the cameras was produced in the soul of the users. Many are hoping that the iPhone 9 two of the main lens already in the normal version. Then those to whom it is not convenient to use large smartphones, capable of taking good photographs, not overpaying for a large screen.

Among other things, the iPhone 9 can get the modem and antenna to improve data transmission.

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