The iPhone of 2018 will return to metal -


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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

The iPhone of 2018 will return to metal

The iPhone X is already a reality, you can go to an Apple Store for it - although there may not be stock, on the Internet they are 5 weeks away for shipping. The new Apple terminal has swept sales and exceeded our own expectations.

The fiasco suffered with the iPhone 8 made us and Apple believe that the iPhone X may not meet expectations, however, it has far exceeded and has returned queues to the Apple Store . If the design has triumphed so much, why leave it?

Apple wants to change its design for 2018

Those of Cupertino are planning to make great improvements in the next generation of iPhone, once all the terminals of 2017 have left: the rumor mill of 2018 begins - it is already a tradition-.

The design of the iPhone X has triumphed, Apple wants to redesign the metal frame that surrounds the screen of our iPhone. Most likely, whether the company of the bitten apple keeps the metal used in the iPhone X and divides it into more parts to improve signal capture by their antennas.

More production, more metal

If Apple intends to maintain the design of the iPhone X frame , it will need to expand its production capacity by 2018, it is not the same to make a special edition as two terminals. They require a lot of production capacity to supply the bulk of their consumers.

Is it goodbye to the retina screen?

Another rumor points to Apple not only wants to integrate its new metal, but also wants to incorporate the OLED screens of Samsung and the Face ID system to all their devices. This theory should not be very misguided, because otherwise it would be a step backwards in the design of its terminals. 

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