The iPhone X copies the worst defects of the Google Pixel 2 XL -


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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

The iPhone X copies the worst defects of the Google Pixel 2 XL

It seems that Apple's brand-new iPhone X has "copied" some of the flaws in Google's Pixel 2 XL .

The iPhone X could have some visual changes on the OLED screen. Many users have already criticized Apple because the screens of their smartphones have bluish tones and the "burn-in" effect . Something very common in OLED screens.

However, the criticisms of the users are unfounded. It is noteworthy to mention that these defects on the screen of the iPhone X are absolutely normal in the case of an OLED screen . That is, it is not broken, it works correctly.
What is the "burn-in" effect?

The "burn-in" effect happens when some elements, components or parts of an image continue to remain on the screen after you have switched to another image.

This problem, which as we mentioned is also present in the Pixel 2 XL screen, happens when a high contrast image is active for a long period of time.

Apple already knew this defect in the OLED screens before launching its new product to the market. The signature of the bitten apple spoke about these "visual changes" on the Super Retina OLED screen of the iPhone X:

"If you see an OLED screen from another angle, you will notice some slight changes in the color tones. This is a characteristic of OLED screens and is a usual behavior. After an extended period of use, OLED displays can also experience some visual changes. This behavior can include persistence of images or burn-in effect. "

That's right, OLED screens have their flaws and virtues. Experts say that AMOLED technology will save a small percentage of battery because it consumes less energy. It is important that, as a potential consumer, you are well informed about all the features of the iPhone X (or the Pixel 2 XL) before deciding to buy it.

Source | Mashable 

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