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Thursday, 2 November 2017

The iPhone X a day before? it's possible

This last week has not gone unnoticed some improvement in shipments of the iPhone X , many of those who on the website could see that the device would arrive between November 10 and 17, now they have found that they will receive the package on November 3rd

Apparently, the Cupertino giant is working on improving its delivery time , such is the effort that people waiting for the shipment for November 17-24 at the end will receive on the 8th , while others with similar data today will receive them. The sending status has appeared: "Preparing to send".

Get the iPhone X today

It sounds crazy but there is someone who has succeeded, a man in England has managed to achieve this feat trying his luck. Vinay Vaghjiani noted that the DPD courier company was ready to ship to her home, so she decided to go to an office with the shipping ID to see if she could pick up the package in person .

When asked if he could pick up that order, an unfortunate employee who did not check if the order was retained in the office for some reason it was delivered without further, making Vinay one of the first owners of the iPhone X.

Queues in the Apple Store

As it has been done all the life and taking into account the little stock of iPhones X that there is for the stores, they have already begun to make queues around the stores of Apple to buy the iPhone X as soon as possible. These queues have already been seen in Sydney and Singapore, and Apple staff is working to maintain order in the queues formed.

Be that as it may, many analysts already point out that sales of the iPhone X will exceed 50 billion dollars this winter holiday, causing many other companies to take advantage of it to make money by creating cases, chargers and other accessories for the iPhone X.

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