The iPhoneX already has Jailbreak and is public through a Video -


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Monday, 13 November 2017

The iPhoneX already has Jailbreak and is public through a Video

This is news that will surely please many. Today the Jailbreak for the iPhone X has just been made public, thanks to a South Korean computer scientist named Keen Lab, Liang.

Through a video, the hacker successfully executed the iPhone X Jailbreak with iOS 11.1.1 in the POC2017 event. It is known that this type of process, takes several weeks and even months to finish developing it.

However, Vangelis, the organizer of the POC conference, tweeted a video clip of Chen's presentation. And in a matter of seconds the news is going viral.

The international security conference, organized by hackers and Korean security experts, will be held from 9 to 10 November 2017 in Seoul, Korea. POC focuses on technical, creative discussions, as well as the piracy and real security shows.

IPhone X Jailbreak

This news has definitely made the jailbreak community vibrate, knowing that at least one company has found the necessary exploits to produce a Jailbreak for the iOS 11.1.1 firmware. Unfortunately, KeenLab did not provide much information about the process, they simply demonstrated their iPhone X with Jailbreak.

The firmware of iOS 11.1.1 has these vulnerabilities, and it is likely that Apple is already developing the solution. Through a firmware update, therefore, if you wish to Jailbreak your new iPhone X with iOS 11.1.1, then you must make sure you do not update your firmware in the short term.

Since the next firmware update will probably fix the vulnerabilities in iOS 11.1.1. Vulnerability that allowed the current Jailbreak process.

How to get the Jailbreak of the iPhone X?

As we announced, the Jailbreak has not yet been made public, and there is a good chance that this particular Jailbreak will never be released. It is known that KeenLab is a highly respected security company.

While Keen Lab does not plan to make the Jailbreak public for the iPhone X, we hope that other teams are motivated to make the achievement. And so announce it, for the entire interested community.

In what versions of iPhone and Firmware can the new Jailbreak be made?

As can be seen in the video, the Jailbreak can be done in different devices and firmware versions.

Recall that the latest Jailbreak and available to the public, is for iOS 10.0 to iOS 10.2. It works on all devices except the iPhone 7. If you have an iPhone 7 and would like to perform the Jailbreak, we inform you that this may not be possible.

What benefits does the Jailbreak offer to the iPhone?

At the moment, perform the Jailbreak on your device. This process will allow you to install applications that are not signed by Apple. Applications that are not available in the App Store.

The type of applications that you can download in a Jailbreak device, can offer much more functionality and make better use of all the features of your iPhone.
Finally, we have to add that the Jailbreak eliminates completely. The restrictions imposed on the device by the manufacturer or operator. For example, some of the operators do not allow calls to be made, through applications such as WhatsApp. That can only be done by using it if you have a WiFi network.
However, with a released device you can avoid this restriction, and make calls through 3G / 4G.

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