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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

The most useful app we've tried, auto-mail button!

In certain circumstances, it is very useful and necessary to be able to send yourself an email on the iPhone . It is much easier than you think and for this you will not have to resort to the messaging app, either the default or another. We tell you how to do it.

Imagine that you are browsing your iPhone or iPad with Safari, and you see something that catches your attention. You prefer to send it to the mail to see it later more calmly . If you want it to be practically automatic, keep reading the steps that we give you.
How to send an email to yourself on the iPhone or iPad

    First, go to the App Store , the Apple app store and download Mail to Self .
    Once this is done and installed, you must configure it. The system can not be simpler. You only have to indicate the email you want to receive the things you send to you. Once the address is entered, look in that direction an e-mail that you have been sent to confirm the receipt of notifications.
    Activate from Safari (Share> More> Activities), the Mail to Self app.

     And you already have it. We now tell you how to send emails to yourself.

How to send an email yourself with Mail to Self

    When you browse Safari on your iPhone or iPad, if there is something you want to send to the email, you just have to go to the bottom of the browser and click on the share icon, that blue border square with an arrow .

 Now look through the different options that appear and click on the Mail to Self icon .

 You will see how a notification arrives in the mail with what you wanted to see.

ou already know how to do something easily without having to resort to messaging applications . We will wait for you!

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