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Saturday, 18 November 2017

The necessary functions that the iPhone has never had (nor will it have)

If you're here, it's because you're an iPhone user. A convinced user who probably used Android before and ended up in love with the iOS interface and the design of the iPhone . Yes, it may be that the iPhone X is a revolutionary terminal, but whether you have it, or if yours is an iPhone SE, or iPhone 7, or iPhone 6s for example, sure that although you love it, there are things you would love I had.

Things that surprisingly do not have and you do not know the reason. We do not mean that you miss the Home button with the iPhone X or the jack connection, because as Jony Ive says, in Apple they look to the future and stay anchored in old technologies leads to failure .

Neither of that love of Apple to develop their own ports, moving away from the universal standard as the microUSB or the USB-C. We talk about much simpler things . Surely you have also thought about them.
MicroSD slot

It is true that Apple seems to have won the battle and many other Android flagships have also eradicated it, but although we have services like the cloud, sometimes the space of our terminal seems simply insufficient .

The iPhones of 2018 are in 64 and 256 GB modes, but not long ago there were 16 GB models that lasted without taking a breath. And we all wondered the same, why not integrate a damn SD slot allowing us to increase capacity in a very cheap way?

It probably has to do with design issues and that the behavior of an SD card in terms of reading and writing speed is not the same .
Double SIM

You spend a thousand euros on an iPhone but if you have a personal line and a personal one, you can not put both cards in the same device, so you only have to buy another mobile . A task that would be solved with double SIM, a feature that does have several top of the Android range and that is truly comfortable.

In this case, it has nothing to do with safety or performance, nor do we believe the design would be too affected. Something inexplicable but an irreversible decision .
FM Radio

We are going to bingo with one of the most demanded historical functions. Yes, we already know that we can download a radio app and listen to it, but what happens if we do not want to spend data? What happens if there is a low signal strength?

Even the authorities have urged Apple to activate it in models that have it and integrate it into their iPhone. Meanwhile, in Cupertino they have looked the other way.

An alarm clock that works with the iPhone off

Another of the historical demands. I would love to sleep with the iPhone off , but I have to end up leaving it in airplane mode because the iPhone alarm does not work with the device turned off.

It may not be the only mobile that happens and this may be solved with a lifelong alarm clock, but was it so difficult to add that function? 

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