The ridiculous design flaw of all the iPhone that triumphs on the internet -


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Sunday, 26 November 2017

The ridiculous design flaw of all the iPhone that triumphs on the internet

In reddit have a lot of time and a clinical eye to detect imperceptible things in the eyes of most mortals . Only they were able to anticipate the revolutionary design of the iPhone X and read all the clues that Apple has been leaving these years, as for example in their bags .

But what we tell you today is light years away from any other failure that has been detected to date for two reasons . The first is that this ruling takes many years between us and the second is that it seems that absolutely nobody had noticed until a few days of its existence. So much so, that when I read it, I ran to my iPhone to check it. And there he was, as he had been all these years, challenging the perfection of the iPhone and the exquisite design of iOS.

At this point of the post you will also be asked: but what is the fault that has been on the iPhone for years and I have never noticed? Very easy. Go to the native El Tiempo app , the one that appears by default in the lock screen widget. If you are lucky - and I say lucky because we are going through a drought that has not been remembered for 20 years - it will be raining and you will be able to see it. If necessary, take a screenshot and then zoom in to see the detail.

Really, do not you notice? The second drop of rain that comes out of the cloud is not parallel to the others! What's the point of this? Who has thought of it? Of course, it's a funny, imperceptible occurrence that does not affect anything, but this curiosity is surprising.

Via | Reddit 

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