The screen of your iPhone X works perfectly, to be OLED -


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Saturday, 4 November 2017

The screen of your iPhone X works perfectly, to be OLED

When we saw that the LCD screens were about to go down in history in the line of the iPhone, we could hardly believe it. Apple was finally giving a really big leap in terms of screen quality. With the iPhone X , we have begun to walk the path to leave the IPS panels and move on to the pure blacks of OLEDs. However, some users are not so happy with the change.

As we have already mentioned, some users have begun to complain that their new phone has blue tones, or that the screen has already been burned. Also, from certain angles it seems that the quality of viewing is not as good as many would have wished. The uproar has been such that Apple itself has been forced to explain the flaws of the OLED screens in a new support document.

IPhone users will have to get used to the inconveniences of OLEDs

According to the support article published by Apple on its official website , the characteristics of the new Super Retina screen mean that its viewing angles are not as wide as those of an IPS panel. Also, remember that OLED panels can suffer burns over time, that is, certain images could be irreversibly recorded on the screen.

To avoid this, we must maintain the automatic blockade at a short time, and it is very important that we avoid having static images on the screen with a high brightness level for a long time. As to whether this is covered or not by the guarantee, it seems that when considered something normal by Apple, they will not take over. Therefore, be especially careful with the screen of your iPhone X.

Via | MacRumors

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