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Friday, 17 November 2017

The secret trick of AirPods that devastates the Internet

Who would have imagined it? Did you know that you can use the AirPods charging case as a useful tool for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch?

Specifically, we talk about converting a simple cargo case into a fabulous dock (support) to keep the iPhone in landscape mode (horizontal).

It is a very curious trick that has become viral throughout these last days. This trick was revealed by Omar Elfanek , and he shared it through the social network Twitter.

How to use the AirPods charging case as an iPhone dock

    The AirPods case can be used as an iPhone stand 🤯
    - omar (@elfanek) November 15, 2017

It is clear that the method is not perfect, but if you are careful it can be a very helpful dock for emergencies. For example, to follow a recipe while you're cooking, to watch your favorite series while you're in the toilet and even to know the results of La Liga while watching a football game on TV.

And so, dear readers, it's like a charging case of a wireless headphones that cost 179 euros can be converted as if by magic in a fabulous 5 euro dock for your iPhone. Hallucinatory.

The charging case for Apple's AirPods 

In addition to serving as an impromptu dock for iPhone, the AirPods charging case offers a range of up to 24 hours for the headphones of the company of the bitten apple.

They have an LED indicator that shows the status of the battery. Without this case, and with the battery fully charged, the autonomy of the AirPods would be only 5 hours. Obviously, the case is also the ideal place to store headphones. Do you use it regularly? Have you already tried this viral trick of the AirPods?

Via | The Verge 

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