The useful feature of the Face ID of the iPhone X that you probably did not know -


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Friday, 24 November 2017

The useful feature of the Face ID of the iPhone X that you probably did not know

There is no doubt that the iPhone X has been the turning point that users needed. It was a necessity, since 2014 with the same design was already something insufferable. The public spoke and the Californians have brought us a new device .

New by design, frames have disappeared. New for materials, OLED screen and glass back. New by technology, wireless charging, Face ID and animojis , in addition to iOS 11. And new by size, some unpublished 5.8 inches.

Well, every day we discover new things, the last we have known is a simple trick that many will use from now on. Before that, we put you in a situation:

6:00 am, time to wake up to go to work. You set up your iPhone as an alarm clock and after the magical hour has passed, a deafening alarm drills your ears . It is not the best way to start the day, with your brain crushed with a melody that you already hate.

If you have an iPhone X, you can do something less harmful. No, we can not tell you to stop working or get up at six, but your good days are better . At the time when the alarm rings, take your iPhone X and (yes, make the effort) and look at the screen. As soon as you do it, the alarm you have set will automatically reduce its volume, going from having a power of a football stadium to something more tolerable.

Is it an innovative feature? Of course not. Still, it says a lot about the level of detail that Apple tends to have with its users. More than that, it talks about how Face ID has the potential to affect , and in what way, all facets of user experience.

You know, try it and tell us. We will be happy to read you.

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