The woman who managed to fool all of Apple (and the world) -


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Sunday, 26 November 2017

The woman who managed to fool all of Apple (and the world)

There are not a few times that Apple has decided to help developers with a brilliant idea to make their dream come true as part of the App Store. After all, they are the first ones interested in creators publishing the most revolutionary ideas in their platform, in order to keep distinguishing themselves from the competition. However, sometimes this support has not gone very well, as happened this time.

Belle Gibson, an Australian blogger, decided to ask Apple a few years ago to develop a health application, presenting it as an alternative diet to improve the well-being of its users. In addition, he commented that it had helped him to get out of a brain cancer that seemed incurable. Of course, knowing that Apple has an important tendency to work in projects related to health , they ended up working for it. But you still have to repent of your decision.

Not only is it a scam, it can be even worse for Apple 

This blogger, who thanks to the advertising that Apple gave her achieved the top positions in both the App Store with her app, had never suffered from the cancer she talked about so much, and used to defend the diet she was selling. All this, was discovered shortly after the launch of Apple Watch, which of course stopped advertising the app as soon as it was learned that it was not worth anything. However, it seems that it has not ended there. No, there's still a lot to see.

Some media have been able to obtain the messages that Belle Gibson exchanged with an Apple executive, and they are far from the classic formal emails. In them, it is implied that the scammer maintained a close relationship with him, which could have helped him to achieve this favorable treatment. Of course, the company has refused to comment on this sensitive issue, so it seems that we will not know much more about this issue, officially at least.

Via | iDropNews 

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