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Wednesday, 29 November 2017

There are about 4 million Bitcoins lost ... forever

Yesterday we told you about a curious fact about the production of Bitcoins and the electricity needed for their production . Today we return to echo another disturbing news and is that there are about 4 million Bitcoins lost ... forever .

This loss of Bitcoins is important because one of the characteristics of it is that there is a maximum amount of "coins" that can be created. The number criptomoeda will reach the maximum available amount of 21 million around the year 2140. For now, a study reveals that of all the Bitcoins generated to date 3.79 million bitcoins have disappeared, and what is more important if not There is a possibility of recovering them.

If we take into account the current exchange rate of Bitcoins, we speak of a not insignificant figure of 31,543,437,648.51 euros. It is not exactly the small change that is usually lost behind the cushions of the sofa.

A research by Chainalysis, a company that studies bitcoin blockchain transactions, indicates that the figures to which they refer are not bitcoins that were stolen, but rather that they are bitcoins that belong to people who bought criptomoedas and put them in a wallet. , subsequently forgetting the codes or codes that allowed access to them.

The conclusions of Chainalysis depend on the segmentation of Bitcoin's supply, existing on the basis of age and transaction activity.

The "Currency Mining" segment reflects a minuscule amount in 2017, while the "transactional" segment refers to bitcoins that have changed hands or have been spent in the last year - very few of which are lost. In the same way, the category of "Strategic Investors", which kept their bitcoins for 1-2 years, represents a very small part of the losses.

The bitcoins mined between 2 and 7 years ago and belonging to investors known as "holders" (agents if you prefer the translation of the term), constitute the great majority of these lost coins.

The digital currency has gone through several increases in recent days, being on the verge of breaking the historical record of $ 10,000, standing at this time close to $ 9,700 (about eight thousand euros).

Thomas Gluscksmann, analyst at Gatecoin, told Bloomberg that "it is very likely that the stratospheric barrier of $ 10,000 will bring more investors."

Bitcoin can be compared to a peer-to-peer file sharing platform, but in this case it only affects two users and is based on the monetary transaction. A private user can send a certain amount of money to another without this action passing through a bank and not being, therefore, subject to commissions and other possible fees that banks usually apply to us.

The change of money is also confidential and encrypted. This means that every transaction made with Bitcoins takes between 15 to 60 minutes until it is completed. This "secret" format makes Bitcoin an ideal option for those who want to transfer large amounts of undeclared money.

For the production of new bitcoins it is necessary that there be a "mining". This process, which can be carried out individually or in groups, involves the processing of thousands of difficult-to-solve calculations that consume much of the performance of computers. It is these calculations that allow the Bitcoin transaction in the world and, as a reward, the "miners" receive coins.

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