These are the free apps for a limited time for this weekend -


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Saturday, 11 November 2017

These are the free apps for a limited time for this weekend

Everything arrives, and the weekend also. Therefore, and to celebrate in conditions, we have gone for a spin, with the result of having brought some applications and games that will be free for a short time . So let's take a look and as we know you're going to like it, download it now on your iPhone or iPad.

Pinball Breaker Forever

Pinball Breaker Forever fuses the mechanics of pinball and blocks of bricks to produce an endless experience of games generated randomly, with vibrations and overload, with a touch of the 80s! Easy to play hard to master!

The Monster-Blocks appear in waves and go slowly descending the screen one after another . Protect your city from the invaders by destroying the blocks before they reach the bottom of the screen.

Side tracks with optional extra skill minigames will increase your score and add another spin to the game .

DMD Panorama

If you like photography and have experimented with such cool panoramic photos , you should have this application. Some of its characteristics are:

  •     Fully automatic capture system.
  •     Ultra-fast union, immediate results.
  •     Complete control of exposure to light.
  •     3D surround viewer, touch zoom, automatic playback ...
  •     Full panoramas of 360 degrees. 

Motorsport Manager Handheld

This is your competition team. Hire drivers, design your car and invest in technology.

  •     Work with your drivers to get the perfect qualifying lap.
  •     Design the most strategic pit stops to win races. 

South Park: Phone Destroyer ™

All those hours that you have spent with your mobile phone have prepared you for this moment. Fulfill your destiny and become ... THE ULTIMATE TELEPHONE DESTRUCTOR! South Park Digital Studios presents a real-time battle game like you've never seen before! Join Cartman, Kenny, Stan and Kyle in this total mobile chaos! 

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