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Thursday, 30 November 2017

These are the reasons why I hate the iPhone X

November 3 dawned very special, as are usually all my Fridays. Apple had notified me that the iPhone X was in distribution, and my nerves were close to the surface . I tried to take it as a normal day, while sipping a cup of coffee.

In midmorning the bell rang and I jumped like a spring. I looked through the screen of the video-doorman and it was indeed him, the delivery man. My heart began to beat faster while I was seized by a bestial emotion, like the one that is produced every year by this date with Apple's releases.

I opened the door, formed the delivery and opened the cardboard box. And yes, there was the other white packaging with the silhouette of the iPhone in colors. I opened it as if it were a Christmas gift and there it was waiting for me. Wonderful! , I thought as I picked it up and removed the protective plastic. I hurried to turn it on and set it up with care.

Now, almost a month later, I hate the iPhone X. I hate having used a fortune on it, I hate that chrome that scratches with the look , I hate the inconsistency of the Face ID and I hate that size. While the size of the device is not that much greater than a Plus, the larger screen radius makes it impossible to use it with one hand , and that I do not have precisely small.

This leads me to have the continuous feeling of being afraid, fear that the phone will fall and repair costs what it costs, a lot . I admit that at first I thought it would be all about adaptation , but after almost a month, I have not managed to adapt and honestly, I do not think I already do. It is not a phone to use with two hands, but less to do it with one.

Now I miss those who went for the iPhone 8 Plus, a size that I was used to. And with its Touch ID so reliable. Because at the processing level it is the same , it has the same wireless load, almost the same camera and there would not be much difference with my snapshots.

Now I think about that hype that I had during the month of October and the precipitate of my decision. Do you need an iPhone X?

Via | bussinesinsider 

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