They create a fake Apple Store and a queue of 50 people forms -


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Wednesday, 8 November 2017

They create a fake Apple Store and a queue of 50 people forms

Oh, Apple! It's almost a religion, right? A few days ago we saw how people crowded at the door of the Apple Store last Friday, November 3 with the goal of spending more than a thousand euros on the brand new iPhone X.

And that's achieved by few brands. So much so that even Samsung decided to immortalize this fact in their last announcement , a whole declaration of inferiority complex of the Koreans . In a time when buying online is easy, fast and secure, Apple is still committed to combining its online presence with stores located in strategic areas of the planet.

    7:25 in the morning. Apple Store of Sol (Madrid). This is the queue for the iPhone X.
    - Nicol├ís Rivera (@ nicorivera9) November 3, 2017

The influence of Apple is noticeable , both in the users and in the competition. We've seen it in Samsung but also in OnePlus and its blatant copy of the iPhone 7 Plus ... but they also get inspired by the stores! Xiaomi will open two stores in Spain and it seems that they had hired the same decorator as the ones with the bitten apple.

Apple may not be the cheapest brand and probably never invented anything , but it is the one that does the best things .

The Californian brand receives each year the award for best customer service and although it continues to increase its prices and get more benefits than anyone ... there is more to see what the iPhone X costs and how it keeps breaking records .

Going back to the beginning of the post: Apple is more than a brand, it's almost a religion. This is the only way to explain what has happened, for someone to think of putting 4 stickers of the Apple logo in a transparent elevator located in the center of a big city, wearing some t-shirts from the staff of Apple and that people not only believe it, but also queue to visit the supposed new Apple Store ! 

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