They steal 300 iPhone X from a delivery truck -


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Friday, 3 November 2017

They steal 300 iPhone X from a delivery truck

Today is the day: the surroundings of Apple Stores are overcrowded with the imminent arrival of the brand new iPhone X. Both the people who have booked and those who have gone to try their luck are very clear that they want the new Apple flagship at all costs .

But some will not be so fortunate and others have left much cheaper , specifically free. We explained: if you had made the reservation in San Francisco (California), to be exact in the store of Stonestown Galleria, you may have run out of it because a few heartless have entered a UPS delivery truck stealing 313 units of the iPhone X .

The truck was at the doors of an Apple Store. He has left for free, but others have run out. In any case, it is a matter of time that both have what they deserve. According to CNET, the estimated value of the stolen goods reaches $ 370,000 , and that is to remember that the iPhone X is quite expensive.

The mess has been solved in a bit bittersweet way : most of the reservations have been covered, however those who have lined up to buy it have had to go home without the most iconic Apple terminal.

According to the police, three men have accessed the UPS truck as soon as the delivery man has left the vehicle and they have quickly entered it, unloading it inside a car. Considering the extreme organization of the crime, the security forces believe that everything was very well planned in advance and that the hours and protocols of the store were known.

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