This Black Friday the iPhone X has triumphed in style -


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Wednesday, 29 November 2017

This Black Friday the iPhone X has triumphed in style

Apple seems to be very good at promoting its products, and this Black Friday was no exception. Rosenblatt analysts estimate that Apple has sold 6 million units of iPhone X throughout this weekend, with a total of 15 million iPhone sold.

The iPhone X 256 GB storage capacity was the most popular device chosen among consumers in this past Black Friday. In fact, the 256 GB model has doubled the sales of the 64 GB model . Undoubtedly, a very positive sign for Apple's sales.

Keep in mind that despite being a smartphone with an extremely high price, in countries like the United States the iPhone X is not as expensive as in Spain. The 64GB model costs $ 999 , while the 256GB model costs $ 150 more.

The iPhone X triggered Apple sales on Black Friday

According to the analysts' report, during the first period of the Christmas holidays the company of the bitten apple will sell more than 30 million iPhone X. Apple's guidance suggests that more than 80 million will be sold until the end of this year.

Analysts believe that the production of the iPhone X is around 3 million units per week, currently. But it could increase to 4 million per week in December. From Rosenblatt they are very confident assuring that the demand of the device is still very high . And this Black Friday has been shown.

Source | 9to5mac 

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