This has been the evolution of the iPhone to the iPhone X -


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Wednesday, 8 November 2017

This has been the evolution of the iPhone to the iPhone X

The iPhone X has marked a before and after in the history of Apple's mobile devices. Its design implies a turning point in the evolution of the iPhone ...

Apple has created a terminal with a screen of 5.8 inches in a longer housing than the other models. A new video shows us a comparison between the original iPhone and the iPhone X of the company of the bitten apple.

This is how the iPhone has evolved. If your evolution is for good, or for bad, that is already a matter of taste.

This is the evolution of the iPhone in video up to the iPhone X

The video offers a very detailed tour in each of the generations of each iPhone model. It highlights the design of each device as well as the changes, features and other factors that the Cupertino firm has been implementing.

One of the most interesting things about this comparison is the gradual evolution of each detail , ending with a compact and spectacular iPhone X.

It is also curious how, years ago, we always thought that a mobile phone was the smaller the better. However, to this day, the thing seems to have changed, right? Now we want very large smartphones in which to interact with content in the best possible way.

Apple sees the iPhone X as the beginning of a new generation of iPhone design. Jony Ive wanted to highlight in the presentation event of the iPhone X that the design team had a lot of great ideas in which they are already working.

Without further delay, we leave you with the video of the evolution of the iPhone. It's been 10 years since the launch of the first iPhone , so it's worth taking a good look at this video. It is very interesting

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