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Monday, 27 November 2017

This is the country where the iPhone X is more expensive

Apple has updated its website to indicate that the new, flamboyant and spectacular iPhone X will begin to be commercialized in three new countries in Latin America at the beginning of next December.

The countries in which the iPhone X of the tenth anniversary will be launched are: Colombia, Chile and Brazil . Would you like to know which of these countries will be more expensive to buy an iPhone X?

 The iPhone X will be launched on December 1 in Colombia, on December 7 in Chile and on December 8 in Brazil. The device will be available with selected operators and associated Apple stores in each country.

In Brazil they have Samba, Neymar ... and the iPhone X at $ 2,000

There are two Apple Stores in Brazil , one in the "VillageMall" Shopping Center in Rio de Janeiro and another in the Morumbi Shopping Center in Sao Paulo. The iPhone X will be available in both Apple Stores. But the stock will be extremely limited.

Brazil's iPhone X will be available starting at 6,999 reais , the equivalent of more than US $ 2,150 . This is more than double the starting price of $ 999 in the United States. An authentic madness.

Apple prices in Brazil have always tended to be significantly higher than in other Latin American countries. Except in Venezuela. This is due to the result of 60% of the tax rates for imported products.

With respect to iPhone X prices in Chile or Colombia, Apple has not wanted to share detailed information, nor the rest of launch dates for the other countries of South America.

What do you think that the iPhone X is at a price of more than 2,000 dollars in Brazil? Do you think it is too high a price? Would you buy an iPhone for that brazen price?

Source | Macrumors 

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