This is how people react when they give him an iPhone X -


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Thursday, 9 November 2017

This is how people react when they give him an iPhone X

No one can deny that what the iPhone X has done these days is really impressive. Despite its high price, has managed to place hundreds of people in the entrances of all the Apple Store worldwide, ready to acquire the latest model of the line of Apple smartphones. We have all waited a long time until this moment, and now that it has finally arrived, it was impossible to miss the technological launch of the year .

However, not everyone can afford to spend more than 1000 euros on a phone, and many fans of technology is the things that hurt us the most. Having to see people with devices so advanced but that we can not buy, is very hard, much more than the iPhone X , in fact. Luckily, there are still people in the world who have offered to share their good fortune with others. This is the case of the video that we present today.

Christmas has arrived for some lucky ones

And, if there is something better than being able to buy an iPhone X without having to worry about the balance of your bank account, it is to receive it totally free on the street. No trap or cardboard, at least, that we know. Of course, the surprise that a person takes to receive one of the most expensive and exclusive phones of the moment is simply inimitable. And we feel very envious of the lucky ones, so they hide it.

But do not worry, it is still possible that next year Apple will be able to lower the costs of production of the components of the new iPhone, and reduce a little more the price ... To deceive us, it is Apple. Just enjoy the emotion of people receiving a gift in a disinterested way, and stop worrying about whether or not we have a specific mobile. 

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