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Friday, 17 November 2017

This is the most edge you can say in a WhatsApp chat

"Okay". "Received." "Perfect." "Vale" These are some of those messages that we receive from time to time in the messaging apps like WhatsApp that leave us a bit with the face of WTF , especially if they are not accompanied by an emoji or a GIF.

And is that we recognize it, or the other person is busy or sound quite edges . We even prefer a "I hate you". However, they are still light years away from the worst you can write in a message. I do not say it, science says it.

Do you want to know that it is absolutely the worst thing you can write in a chat? What is the most edge, dry and sharp for the other person? Stop speculating that we already tell you: a point.

You have read well, a sad end point that in written language you should use when finishing a sentence. Well, that's precisely the most effective way to annoy someone, that deliberate pause in the middle of a talk .

And is that the point does not mean that the sentence is over, but it is related to that you are being abrupt, cloudy and very badly talkative . If your friends suspected it, now they have no doubt.

This revealing conclusion has been known thanks to a study of 2016 in which after analyzing chats, people responded differently when they received messages of a single word accompanied by a point or without it .

Celia Klin, a professor of psychology at Binghamton University, explains it this way:

    In formal language, such as in a project, novel or essay, the point is used to indicate the phrase has ended.

But in more informal messages, the meaning is completely different . Imagine: someone asks you, do you want to come? You can respond with a single word, either affirmatively, negatively or hesitantly: yes, no, ok, maybe, ok, you can ... And the conversation can continue. But if to that word you add a point at the end, things change.

Although it is believed that the abuse of GIF, emojis, spelling mistakes and other take the purists out of the nerves of language , and are assumed to be normal within these types of contexts. In the same way as points, you must reserve them only for the most formal language ... unless you want to fight.

Via | Indy100 

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