This is my first Plus model and I do not want a normal iPhone anymore -


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Monday, 27 November 2017

This is my first Plus model and I do not want a normal iPhone anymore

I confess: I was one of those people reluctant to the Plus models. I do not usually carry a bag and it was terribly comfortable for my iPhone to fit in my pocket , something I did perfectly when I had the iPhone 5s or the iPhone 3GS (two models I had, but as you know, there were many more like the original iPhone, the iPhone 4, the iPhone 4s, etc.), but that began to resent the moment I bought the iPhone 6s.

The first Plus model was released back in 2014, when Apple introduced the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus during the month of September. In the beginning, the difference between one terminal and another was "simply" the screen . For many, more than enough to watch videos, play or why not say it, also surfing or chatting is much more comfortable with a larger screen.

But I was stubborn. In the battle between improving the experience of using the terminal versus ergonomics , I clearly opted for the latter. That fits in your pocket is a pleasure, but being able to handle it with one hand is also a pleasure. In addition, I have never been a consumer of multimedia content on the iPhone, so it was enough and was enough with the dimensions of the screen of the standard model.

iPhone 7 Plus, with you everything started

With the iPhone 7 Apple decided to change its strategy , incorporating premium features to its Plus model . It is no longer that the large model had a screen with more inches, it also had higher resolution, more battery, more RAM and of course, a dual camera that delighted photography lovers.

The Plus model offered a terminal almost identical in design (except for the double camera), but much better : more powerful, faster, with better viewing and unique photos thanks to the combination of both lenses. The Plus model was another story, but I still did not fit in my pocket.

I know I 'm a stubborn and although I did not buy the iPhone 7 (I was still with the iPhone 6s until it was stolen , at which point I bought the iPhone SE to get through), if I had probably bought the standard model.

But suddenly something clicked in my head . No, I did not hit or anything strange. Amazed by what I had seen with the portrait mode and its possibilities, and why not say it, those wallpaper that looked so spectacular on a larger screen, I decided to buy the iPhone 8 Plus.

But what do you say foolish, if with the iPhone X you had more screen diagonal in a smaller terminal! You're absolutely right, the iPhone X gives the perfect formula , solves the ergonomics vs. screen commitment quite well, but at the cost of jumping to the ratio 18: 9.

I have already mentioned before that I am a bit particular and I find it difficult to adapt to changes, so I still do not like that stretched screen . It may be wonderful horizontally ... but vertically and with the notch I have the impression that a lot of useful surface is lost. And I say this knowing that probably in 2017 succumb. Like everything in fashion, what at first strikes you and does not convince you, in a matter of fashions you get used to it and end up wanting it.

The conclusion of all this is that now I am amazed with my iPhone 8 Plus and its magnificent screen. Oh, and that I bought two bags . But that's another story. 

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