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Wednesday, 1 November 2017

This is the proof that Face ID works better than you think

There are only 3 days left before the first buyers can get their hands on the iPhone X. We have put together some remarkable excerpts about this device below. The general consensus is that the smartphone has a magnificent design and that the Face ID works well .

However, the smartphone is definitely not for everyone, and the use of an iPhone without a start button apparently takes some time before it feels natural .

Nilay Patel said that the Face ID " mostly works very well, " but noted that authentication was incompatible under certain lighting conditions .

"I took a walk out of our New York office in the sunlight, and the Face ID definitely had face recognition problems constantly as I moved until I stepped into the shade or took the phone a lot closer to the face. the usual I also went down the street, which has a wide variety of lights inside, including lots of fluorescent strips that come from above, and the Face ID was also significantly more inconsistent . "

Patel added that applications that have not been updated for the iPhone X display have "ugly" black edges along the top and bottom.

" Applications that have not been updated for the iPhone X in what could be called the" software bezel "mode: huge black edges on the top and bottom that basically mimic the iPhone 8. And a lot of applications are not still update: Google Maps and Calendar, Slack, the Delta application, Spotify, and more all run with software bezels. Games like CSR Racing and Sonic The Hedgehog seemed particularly ugly. It's fine, but it's ugly, especially since the start bar at the bottom of the screen glows white in this mode . "

Wired 's David Pierce used the iPhone X for a stress test while bouncing on a trampoline .

Matthew Panzarino of TechCrunch took his iPhone X to Disneyland in California to test the device in a real scenario.

Panzarino also noted that Face ID " works very well " and that it was " very easy to configure ".

" You just have to choose to activate it and then turn your nose around the points of a watch twice. That's. Secondly, it worked the vast majority of times I have tested it, never once unlocked using an image of myself or another person's face and the failure rate seemed to be almost the same as Touch ID, that is, almost faultlessly. As expected, it's definitely faster than the first generation of Touch ID, although perhaps a bit slower than the second generation . "

Interested in : Everything you can do with the iPhone X in video . Panzarino shared some photos taken with iPhone X. In good lighting conditions, he said that there is almost no difference between the cameras in the iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X , given that the devices have the same sensors and image signal processors.

Geoffrey A. Fowler of The Washington Post said the Face ID worked " nine times out of 10 " in his initial test, but not with a fake beard .

" In my initial tests, it worked nine times out of 10. You really have to keep it in front of your face like when you do a selfie. Too close, in particular, will not work. I was recognized in the dark when I put on my sunglasses, but not when, I put on a fake beard . " (Apple says it adapts to handle the beards when they come more slowly.)

Scott Stein of CNET said that it takes time to get used to the new gestures of the iPhone X and button combinations to return to the main screen, multitasking, or call Siri.

" A series of new gestures takes the place of the start button. I continued to reach the phantom button during the first hours, feeling as if I had lost a thumb. Meanwhile, there is a new button, large side that brings us to Siri. Instinctively he kept pressed to turn off the phone, then I realized that this should not be the case . " To turn off the phone, the same side button is now maintained in addition to the volume down button at the same time, which is far from intuitive.

" Those added gestures make some difficult maneuvers while walking the streets of Manhattan between my office and a local barbershop. At the end of the first day, I admit it: sometimes I missed the start button ".

And so have been the first contacts with the iPhone X, all experiences that we bring you as the hours go by. On Friday we will see from many of our readers how these experiences are already a reality .

Via | macrumors

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