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Sunday, 5 November 2017

This is the real reason why you want an iPhone X

What are your reasons for the iPhone X? Let's go back 10 years ago and remember first. When the original iPhone went on sale on June 29, 2007, I was with a Sony Ericsson W800 , which launched 2 years, before it was in itself a great device , despite its small size. It had a small screen, memory card to store multimedia content and brought headphones, since its great value was that it worked perfectly as a walk-man. Sony Ericsson was able to eat the world and I with them.

Some time passed and I got an original iPhone, that precious one that was not sold in Spain and that, obviously, I got for a high amount of money, despite being second hand and having it without a box or anything else, apart of the charger. I verified that I was facing something different , that it had a very interesting whiff and that perhaps I would have to speak in the future.

Little by little, the iPhone was popularized in our country until perhaps the big explosion came with the iPhone 3GS , although the iPhone 3G was already a coveted object. I remember that taking an iPhone out of my pocket in those years was a declaration of intent .

The original iPhone was a great device in itself for everything it entailed . An all in one, an impeccable design, very functional and that still continues to be war in the odd occasion, like when I go out to the country and just need that, a phone to call and the compass.

Which brings me to the iPhone X.

Since 2007, the attractive factor of buying an iPhone has decreased. Over the years, as Apple's sales soared and the iPhone became the best-selling smartphone in the world , the device has become less and less exclusive. When you buy an iPhone, you are no longer special; you are basic

The iPhone X promises a lot. It has a super high resolution screen that extends almost to the edge of the device. It contains the A11, Apple's most advanced and powerful mobile processor, augmented with a 6-core "neuronal engine" that makes true virgueries at the processing level.

It has one of the most advanced cameras that has been put on a smartphone, allowing you to unlock the device with your face, simulate lighting from a professional studio and render your head like a talking emoji .

All this sounds great, but the real promise of the iPhone X is that it recovers the positive factor. Not only is the prestige of owning the last part of Apple, but the design of the phone is conducive to be noticed . If the original iPhone was a statement of principle, take out an iPhone X (without a case, that's it), it's a declaration of war.

Not many brands can achieve it. It requires a combination of innovative product design, very smart advertising and general goodwill. Google, Samsung, Amazon and even Microsoft can only do two of those things correctly. Only Tesla is close to equating Apple in its ability to make having a technological product a statement of status.

With the iPhone X, that statement is stronger than it has been in 10 years . The limited supply and high price (curious coincidence with 2007), both disadvantages for most products, actually strengthen the attractiveness of the phone. Who wants to join a club that lets anyone in? The forbidden is always what is desired, from the time of Adam and Eve. Curious that the protagonist was also an apple .

For many, that's what bothers them most about Apple: the field of distortion of reality that attracts the attention of the consumer. It does it to the point where a product becomes essential even before someone possesses it. Apple however, still convinces millions of avid users to deliver their credit card numbers with enthusiasm.

But if you are in the club, all you hear are the usual complaints of people who could not enter. Apple has made the iPhone sexy , and we're all invited to the party. The cost of entry: just an iPhone X.

Do you have reasons to buy it? Which are? We will be happy to read them in comments .

Via | mashable

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