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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

This is what it costs to make an iPhone X

Today the total costs of manufacturing hardware components of the iPhone X have been filtered. Although it is an estimate, they are very accurate. Do you want to know what it costs for Apple to make an iPhone X?

Apple's iPhone X was officially launched on November 3 , although its reservation period began on October 27. The smartphone of the Cupertino company is available from 1,159 euros (Spain) and 999 dollars (United States).

TechInsights estimates, shared via Reuters , indicate that most of the hardware components of the iPhone X are more expensive than those of the iPhone 8.
How much does it cost Apple to make an iPhone X?

The manufacture of Apple's new iPhone X costs $ 357.50. With this estimate, and with a price (without export taxes abroad) of $ 999, the iPhone X has a margin of 64%, higher than the margin of 59% of the iPhone 8.

For example, the 5.8-inch OLED screen of the iPhone X has an estimated cost of $ 65.50. On the other hand, the LCD screen of the iPhone 8 costs 36 dollars.

The stainless steel chassis of the iPhone X costs approximately $ 36 , while the iPhone 8 case costs only $ 21.50.

After the launch of the iPhone 8, estimates suggested that the total cost of its components was $ 247.51 . As for the iPhone 8 Plus, the costs amounted to $ 288.08 . These estimates were shared by IHS Markit.

It is important to note that, in addition to paying the cost of each of the hardware components of the iPhone X, the bitten apple company must spend money on r & d resources , design, engineering, marketing, manufacturing, assembly, software, taxes…

That said, do you think the iPhone X is too expensive a smartphone? Could Apple have set a more affordable price for the consumer?

Source | Macrumors 

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