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Monday, 6 November 2017

This is what people can do to buy an iPhone X

Galloping, this is how he has managed to acquire a new and flaming iPhone X this man from India. Quite a feat, being fair. He set a goal, climbed on horseback, printed a banner and headed for an adventure with an Apple Store as a destination and with a very clear goal: to buy an iPhone X.

Surely, many of our readers are really excited about the official launch of the iPhone X in the Apple Store. How excited are you? I bet whatever it is that not as much as this young Hindu.

Apple's iPhone X arrived in India yesterday, just like in other countries internationally. The success was assured, with long queues in the Apple Stores of each city. But among the large crowd of Apple fans, there was someone who attracted a lot of attention ...
This man attracted more looks than the iPhone X itself

Mahesh Paliwal came galloping to the Apple Store with a horse adorned with all kinds of beads, with a banner that said "I love iPhone X" and even with his own band ... What a party!

It was not his wedding, he was not hired by Apple, he was simply a consumer who fervently wanted his new iPhone X.

He even received the iPhone X while sitting on his horse. Fortunately for him, the owner of the store gave it to him with pleasure.

Without a doubt, this is a really curious and fun way to go out and buy an iPhone X. And, in addition, it is very good publicity for the company of the bitten apple. And you? Have you already gone for your iPhone X? Are you waiting for it to arrive at your house? Tell us about your experience in purchasing the new Apple smartphone in the comments section and on social networks.

Source | NDTV 

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