This trick will allow you to silence the WhatsApp groups in a definitive way (without leaving) -


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Friday, 10 November 2017

This trick will allow you to silence the WhatsApp groups in a definitive way (without leaving)

The WhatsApp groups are one of the hardest ecosystems we have to face in this 21st century: the funny guy who sends dirty jokes that take on the internet for a week, the one who spends most unlikely chains, the one who never talks but reads all the first one, the one that uses the chat for personal conversations ... an odyssey from which it is very easy to enter and very difficult to leave!

Let's see, that leaving a chat group on WhatsApp is very easy, but the compromises involved are such that very few of us dare to do so. So we opted for the most effective solution that exists: to silence the chat and see you later Mari Carmen! Maybe 8 hours, 1 week ... or even a year.

But sometimes, even that is not enough: it is enough for one member of the group to mention you by adding an "@" in front of them or to quote one of your messages so that you receive the notification . Can we never get rid of them?

How to mute a WhatsApp group well

If you are tired of receiving notifications from a group of WhatsApp that you have silenced and do not want to leave it, with this trick we can achieve it. For this we will need: first to have silenced the group in itself and then to silence each one of the participants. That is, you have to open a personal chat to each of them and silence it.

Yes, we know that it is a pain to have to follow this procedure, but with some truly talkative groups, it is the only option to enjoy peace without having to leave it .

It would be interesting that WhatsApp reinforce the silence of the groups so that this would be more effective, since it is probably one of the functions most in demand along with the editing of messages and the deletion of messages sent, something that was recently incorporated but with a time limit of 7. minutes However, a trick has been discovered to be able to eliminate messages sent until a week later .

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