To burn wheel with Top Drives, an incredible car game for iPhone -


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Monday, 13 November 2017

To burn wheel with Top Drives, an incredible car game for iPhone

Do you think you know everything about cars? It's time to test your knowledge in Top Drives : the only car card collection game in the App Store . Build the best collection of racing car cards with more than 700 vehicles with official licenses.

Unleash the power of your cars in hundreds of racing challenges with a completely new system of cards to compete. Download the game for free to start as soon as possible!

Compete to win exclusive cars in live multiplayer events.

Why is Top Drives the best mobile experience for four-wheel fans?

What does Top Drives offer us?

Apart from hours and hours of fun, this game has the following possibilities:

    Brands such as: McLaren, Bugatti, Pagani, Ford, Mercedes and many more.
    Official data provided by the manufacturers, which make this game the best car comparison tool.
    Manage and improve your cars: tune them to your liking.
    Choose between speed, circuit and mountain tracks.
    Effects of climate and various types of surfaces.
    Amazing car photos of one of the most recognized car magazines in the world.
    Addictive strategies for the best racing game.

Play your cards

There are about 700 car cards in the game, which seems a lot to assimilate, but some of them you will sell as soon as you get them and some of them will not be used as such.

Because there are different types of races, you must remember your best cars for each type of race. While it is exciting to gather as many as you can, your main goal is to move forward in the game . Have a well established deck and know that what you have will help you overcome the levels faster.

Your garage only has a limited number of slot machines to store cars , so you'll want to have a couple of them accelerate quickly for endurance races, others that have good grip or good grip on land, sand or rain.

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