To make fun of its rivals, Apple only needs to show the iPhone X -


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Tuesday, 28 November 2017

To make fun of its rivals, Apple only needs to show the iPhone X

These weeks are really intense for everyone as far as advertising is concerned. All companies are putting all the meat in the spit with their ads for the holiday season. They do not want anyone to be left without knowing their latest releases. And of course, they do not want users to buy the products of the competition, in a few days in which many of us fall in the face of whims.

For that reason, some of the biggest in the mobile phone industry, such as Samsung, Motorola or Apple, have prepared spots of all kinds with which to launch for their rivals. In the case of the first two, the choice of the theme has been clear, a battle for comparison . Using the shortcomings of their competitors, they have extolled their own products. However, Apple's have decided to go a different way this time.

Face ID and Animojis, two of the great features of the iPhone X 

While the rest of the manufacturers try to make their phones look better by attacking other companies, those in Cupertino have preferred to do what they know best: to teach the practical and fun side of each of their functions. And in the case of the iPhone X , the choice was clear. On the practical side, we have the Face ID, and in the fun, the new Animojis. The great benefits of the new TrueDepth sensor.

In the ads, Apple shows us how the new features of the iPhone X can improve our day to day . Because you never know when you're going to need an Animoji to make your day happy. In addition, they clarify some of the great doubts that people had about the Face ID, as for example, if it is capable or not of working in the dark. As we said before, Apple does not need to teach its competitors to win, with the iPhone X is enough.

And to you, which ad did you like the most?

Via | 9to5Mac 

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