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Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Touch ID vs Face ID: Which is better?

Everybody on the street does not stop talking about the iPhone X and its star technology for the Cupertino company, the Face ID. There are many tests that have been done with him , whether or not it is possible to deceive him, what happens if you wear glasses or disguises, to give an example.

Well, our friend Pablo Rosillo from Urban Tecno has made a video that compares both systems , the Touch ID classic fingerprint and the new Face ID. Do you dare to see it?

Testing Face ID

As we told you, the tests have been of all kinds. From unlocking it with both systems in the dark, with wet hands, sunglasses, etc ... Come on, they have given him imagination. The results are slightly favorable to Touch ID for a simple reason and is that this system has been with us since 2013 and has been going through continuous corrections and security improvements.

This does not mean that Face ID is also the best. A silly example, unlocking the iPhone with Touch ID and gloves in winter is not possible unless you have special ones, and this with Face ID is not a problem.

Also, Face ID is in its first version to be a recent technology for Apple. Yes, it is very good, but it must improve and it will do it. Perhaps a point that is not favorable to Face ID is that moment, the software only allows to recognize a face , while with Touch ID it is possible to register several fingerprints. We assume that in the future the possibility of having some other face is a reality.

Otherwise, both systems are excellent, each with its pros and cons but probably, and with the disappearance of the physical button of the iPhone X, Face ID is taking more prominence and is increasingly perfect.

And which one do you prefer? Do you think Face ID will be better? Tell us in comments.

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