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Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Two ways to read WhatsApp messages secretly

WhatsApp is our favorite messaging app and also the most used of the entire planet. That being the case, it brings us a series of problems of privacy and excessive control that sometimes make us fear for the well-being of our relationships. Why have you read the message and you have not answered me?

To avoid having bad moments, we are going to show you two tricks to avoid that the person who sends the messages can know that you have read them.

Turn off reading settings

Ok, this is as simple as turning off the double blue check , authentic sneak of our activity. In this way, only the first gray check sent and the second check received will appear. But there will be no trace of the reading confirmation.

Of course, this has a negative side : you can not know if the rest of your contacts have read your messages, unless you are in a group - where you can not turn off the reading confirmation by going to the message information - .

For this, within the app we will go to Settings > Account > Privacy and we will uncheck the Reading Confirmation.

Previewing messages

Ok, the first method is well known and has the disadvantage that you will not know when you read the messages either. Perfect, that's why we bring you another method that takes advantage of iOS and its particular management of notifications.

And with the right configuration, our iPhone allows us to read WhatsApp messages without even properly accessing the app, that is, from the lock screen . So there is no trace.

To do this, we will go to Settings > Notifications and there we will look for the WhatsApp app. It is time to activate options such as View in the locked screen and leave them as permanent, so that we can slide the screen locked and read everything. Then we will unlock it and it will disappear. Like a ninja.

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