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Sunday, 12 November 2017

Two ways to schedule automatic messages on WhatsApp for iPhone

WhatsApp is your favorite messaging app because everyone has it, but it is far from being the best. However, recently it has implemented a long-desired improvement such as deleting sent messages , but they still can not be edited. And this is just one example. Another thing we would like to be able to do on our iPhone is to program WhatsApp messages automatically.

Imagine it: for birthday, new year, anniversary, because you have a store and you want to notify your customers of a promotion ... WhatsApp has more than one billion users, imagine the potential and how many people this tutorial would be useful for you .

How to program automatic messages in WhatsApp for iPhone

Although Android is simpler, in iOS we will have to look for life to find the solution because by default, WhatsApp does not have it integrated. However, there are two ways to do it: via Jailbreak using a Cydia tweak and with an app. We show you both and you choose.
With Jailbreak using the WhatsApp Reminder tweak

If you have jailbroken your iOS device, you can install a tweak called WhatsApp Reminder that will allow us to schedule WhatsApp messages on your iPhone. How do we download it? We go to Cydia and access the BigBoss repo , where we will have to look for this tweak, whose name is WhatsApp Reminder developed by Ibrahim Sammour, we simply download and install it.

Its operation is very simple:

1) We create the messages that we want to program

2) Specify the date and time you want to be sent

3) And that's it, when the time comes, the tweak will do it for you.
No Jailbreak, with the Scheduled app

Probably this is my favorite solution because it means forgetting the jailbreak, something that is increasingly disused. This app allows you to program our WhatsApp messages easily and quickly and does not stay here , we can do the same with iMessage, Facebook Messenger, Line, Telegram, Twitter, Slack, WeChat, Linkedin and Skype. And without jailbreak!

In addition, we can download it safely from the App Store and it's free , although it has a premium mode for € 0.99.

So you already know how to program automatic messages on WhatsApp for iPhone . Enjoy it!

Via | CydiaGeeks 

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