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Sunday, 26 November 2017

We want complications on the iPhone X start screen

Undoubtedly, one of the most interesting features of watchOS is the information provided by the Apple Watch spheres. This is due to the "complications" , a functionality that would be very useful in Apple's iPhone X.

The complications would be a great addition to the home screen of Apple's iPhone X. Users who own an Apple Watch and an iPhone X ensure that they miss this feature.

The iPhone X can offer all the notifications you want on your wonderful, huge and spectacular OLED screen. But iOS notifications do not provide enough information . Therefore, we want complications in iOS 12!

What are the complications? 

The "complications" of watchOS are all those elements that the Apple Watch screen shows besides showing the time and minutes. The smartwatch of the company of the bitten apple has made the most of the transition from analog and digital clocks to smart watches and offers all kinds of different complications.

These useful complications allow users to obtain weather information, progress of their physical activities, calendar schedules, task lists and much more.

Complications on the iPhone X with iOS 12 

Having the help of the complications of the Apple Watch on the iPhone X screen would be fabulous at the level of privacy and security. Widgets are not as close at hand , and notifications can be in plain view of anyone.

With the complications in the iPhone X, iOS users could have many more options. For example, if the notifications are not private, a complication could show you how many text messages are waiting for you . In this way you will know that there is something important to review, without the sender being seen until the terminal is unlocked.

The iPhone X has an OLED screen and allows users to press with a light touch on the screen to turn on the terminal , in case it is blocked. This would make the complications even more useful in iOS.

Although ... that yes, they would consume battery of the pretty thing. 

Apple software engineers are already working on the iOS 12 news for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch . At this point, most likely everything is planned. But there is still time to implement these types of features in Apple's future mobile operating system.

Via | iMore 

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