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Friday, 17 November 2017

What is a computer? The announcement of the iPad Pro that responds to the CEO of Microsoft

Apple, with its new operating system iOS 11, has managed to put the iPad in value . The popular tablet of the Cupertino company has managed to take a giant step with the adoption of this operating system.

The improvements that iOS 11 provides on all their devices are truly an achievement on the iPad . We could cite for example, the files application, which leads the iPad to be a real work tool.

The announcement that has been presented today and that will reach the television screens, shows a girl performing various tasks on an iPad Pro . From working with a text document, drawing with the Apple Pencil, taking pictures, exchanging messages. At the end of the announcement (eye, spoiler), the girl is working on the lawn of the garden and the neighbor asks, " What are you doing with your computer? ", To which the girl replies, surprised," What computer? "

 Perhaps the announcement comes to the hair to give an answer to the CEO of Microsoft , the Indian Satya Nadella, who recently made fun of the Apple tablet before some journalists who were working with her. His response was that "you buy a real PC".

This past summer, Apple shared on its YouTube channel a series of videos of all the things that can be done with the iPad and iOS 11 , as small informative pearls. He also previously published videos based on real user tweets in which they complained about certain needs on their PCs.

Probably the iPad now comes to the fore, we have echoed that the iPad Pro of 2018 is going to be a revolution, with an A11X chip based on the success of the last batch of iPhones, and with a new improved screen and surely the Face ID biometric recognition system. You have to prepare, and also do the same with your pockets.

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