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Wednesday, 8 November 2017

WhatsApp could be banned in this country for an erotic reason

New technologies and especially apps have brought the possibility of enjoying freedom of expression in many countries of the world. In fact, both WhatsApp and Twitter constitute a splendid tool to communicate in real time, counting the situation as it is: terrorist attacks, natural catastrophes, wars, dictatorships ... precisely because of that, they have sometimes been cut off by censorship.

And this is precisely what could happen in Indonesia, although for a different reason. And is that the messages do not seek to overthrow a political leader or uncover a plot, but the government of the Asian country has threatened the app owned by Mark Zuckerberg with ban if you do not remove the obscene GIFs of the application in less than 48 hours .

The Indonesian authorities have expressed themselves inflexibly:

    If there is no answer for Wednesday, we will block the app

The worst of all is that their prayers have been heard and obeyed , but not by WhatsApp itself, but by Tenor, one of the two official GIF providers of the application along with Giphy. Only in this case, the obscene GIFs were stored in Tenor, since it does not have a sensitive filter.

WhatsApp spokespersons have washed their hands to ensure that they are only the communication platform and can not monitor the content of third parties and that their chats are also encrypted, so they are unaware of its content.

The next step of the Indonesian authorities will be to call Google to order to clean up the internet , a more arduous task. But there are no nonsense, however last year they dared to ban Netflix for its adult and violent content. By the way, if you are a Netflix subscriber, beware of the latest scam that would have affected more than one million customers around the world.

But calm, because the same measures are not foreseen in Spain or in Latin America. In any case, we will always have the lyric of the emoji reinterpreted , as is the case of the mythical eggplant or peach.

Via | Mashable 

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