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Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Why do you want light when you have an iPhone X?

When there is not enough light in the environment, the iPhone X camera will automatically change the optical zoom system to digital . This is due to a new telephoto lens and improved stabilization.

That's right, the 12 megapixel and f / 2.4 telephoto lens opening of the iPhone X requires much less illumination than an iPhone 7 Plus and even an iPhone 8 Plus.

The camera of the iPhone X is spectacular, so describe the system from Studio Neats:

    "The iPhone X requires two less lighting stops before switching to the telephoto lens, comparing it to the iPhone 7 Plus. Obviously it's good news, and he talks very well about how the second lens has improved in just one year. "

Why the opening of the lenses is so important in the iPhone X?

It is important because the telephoto lens not only helps to collect depth data in portrait mode and lightning mode , but also manages the optical zoom functionality.

When the camera system does not have enough light, it returns to wide angle and digital zoom, preserving the quality of the images .

So ... is the difference really that big? Since Apple have mentioned that from one to three in normal capture situations. But if you look at this difference in terms of the camera system and automatically switch between wide angle and telephoto ... the difference is abysmal.

And this is demonstrated by the images in this video from Studio Neat:

For many users, the rear camera system of the iPhone X is really important. It allows to capture impressive photographs with wonderful results, without having to worry about the environmental lighting of the environment. What do you think about the iPhone X camera? Do you think it is the best in the smartphone market?

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