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Sunday, 12 November 2017

Why I'm not going to update the iPhone every year

Buy the iphone less often: only in this case, the one that will make you happy.

In 2014, he has prepared me to buy the iPhone 6 on his first day of sales. Then I went with the worn out 4S, so I wanted to "six", which was the worst of all parameters. I still remember it perfectly, as it was close to the box office at exactly 10:05 and delicate of probivating a new Apple phone.

After that, they waited for me infinitely pleasant rituals: I researched new features, shared impressions with other iPhone 6 owners, gave family advice ("Well che, take this or wait for 6s?") and, in general, Kayfoval of what already has the most current smartphone of Manzana.

The excitement was enough for a couple of weeks - after the return it became a work tool, which no longer called for ecstasy.

After a year I was going to skip the 6s generation, but then I looked at a personal budget and realized that, in principle, I can please schedule Plus hours. By then, the iphone already cost between 60 and 70 thousand, but too I would like to try on a new size, and at the same time evaluate the extent to which it works great in 3D Touch.

Here the ecstasy of novelty lasted only a couple of days, one of which took the addiction to 5.5 inches of screen, and an awareness that the 3D Touch - relatively useful, but not exactly revolutionary tab.

Another year has passed. Update in the "семерку" I did not want, but, again, overcome by curiosity, thanks to the double camera, touch, Home button, black body and strong dynamics.

It is logical that after trying all this well, I recognized that the 7 Plus is not very different from 6s Plus. But money has flown in the store and mental gain and I have not received. Truly a tosca.

After the launch of the iPhone X I still do not admit the idea that "a dozen" will make me have no answer. First, the new design and the return of glass (I loved 4S). Second, томительное полуторамесячное wait. Third, the Face ID. In short, a lot of factors that, it seemed, in fact the transfer service in unreal X steep and justified.

And what can I say? Of course, there is a possibility that I zaze, but now I go with 7 Plus and the iPhone X at the same time, and I do not feel any superiority of the "tens" over "inconsistent".

A little faster? It is possible, although it is barely perceptible. Nice in the hand? No, not 7 Plus also all ok with the excellent ergonomics and the quality of the housing materials.

Better camera? Yes almost the same. The best screen? 100% no 7 Plus he objectively better.

Consequently, the iPhone X and did not give me happiness. But my friends, who are updated with previous models, revenge is called the brilliant gadget. A colleague made bug fixes with the iPhone 6 and says "out of ten" - natural cosmos. Another in general tears with the Xiaomi Redmi, and now not wished, as he had lived, without iOS and iPhone X. Third tormented with the iPhone 5s, and now sends anиммодзи, нахваливает Face ID and is surprised that, as he walked with четырехдюймовым smartphone.

All adults with a good income, which at the time simply abandoned the idea of ​​annual iphones updates.

I already promised himself that I will do exactly the same and unequivocally сдержу himself in the following year. Better time to go with the old айфоном, for then возбужденно and impatient to open the box with the new one, which are regularly seen in Apple salons, spend more than a thousand euros and then sad about the lack of fresh from the sensations

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