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Monday, 6 November 2017

Why the iPhone alarm sounds so horribly annoying

Like it or not, mobiles have come to our lives to stay and in theory, make our lives easier with a multitude of functions: surfing the internet, controlling your physical activity, answering emails, banking, getting married, listening to music , find work, take photos and videos ... you can even call, hehe.

But if there is something that they have managed to banish, that is the alarm clock. Surely you have also woken up once with Radar , the fearsome default tone of the iPhone. The more I hear it, the more disgusting it gives me.

Yes, I know I can change it. It is as simple as going to Settings and choosing another tone that we like more. Obviously, that a tone wakes you every day urging you to go to work makes you have a certain mania, but there is also a scientific reason to hate it.

Toby Saville, technical head of Quiet Mark explains that Radar uses a short, sharp and fast tone that alerts us and also has certain alternative silences ... come on, the keys to directly attack the sensitivity of our ears .

According to Saville:

    The characteristics of sound, speed and frequency indicate whether a ring tone is perceived as pleasant or unpleasant for most people.

To support this explanation, Big Sync Music co-founder Andrew Stafford argues the three reasons why Radar is the most annoying tone you can find .

    To begin with is the note itself, the unnecessary repetition and the third is the Pavlovian response.

* In reference to Pavlov's experiments on classical conditioning ). The same can be said about the sound of dentists or the school bell. Things that we simply do not want to be reminded of . Saville also offers us an alternative: the Cosmic tone.

And is that if you want to choose a more pleasant alarm clock, Cosmic has an average frequency of 1 kHz and a certain smoothness that will make your mornings something more pleasant. Or maybe you fall asleep and go back to Radar .

Via | Indy 

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