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Friday, 24 November 2017

Why the iPhone X needs its controversial "notch"

The arrival of Apple 's iPhone X has caused a huge impact among consumers, both for fans of the technology company's products ... and for its detractors.

The iPhone X has a spectacular and innovative design, with the "infinity" style of its OLED screen that covers the entire front of the terminal and its side bezels are so small. But there is a very controversial little detail in his design that has not pleased everyone ... his "notch".

The "notch" of the iPhone X is an aluminum frame located at the top of the terminal and that is embedded in the OLED screen. This framework is specially designed to implement TrueDepth facial recognition technology and for the FaceTime camera.

My love-hate relationship with the "notch" of the iPhone X

Despite the constant criticism about the "notch" of Apple's iPhone X, which is true that creates a very unattractive "ears" in each corner of the device's OLED screen, this framework is completely necessary.

Fortunately, when you spend a good time fiddling with the new iPhone X, you get to completely forget about its frame and its ears. In fact, some applications have taken advantage of this space on the screen to offer exclusive features that many users will appreciate.

The sophisticated and advanced facial recognition hardware related to Face ID and the popular Animojis occupies a lot of space on the top of the smartphone case, so Apple had to sacrifice that area of ​​its OLED screen. Thus, the company took advantage so that users can differentiate the upper part of the lower part of the device.

The only reason why the "notch" of the iPhone X can be uncomfortable or annoying is because of the lack of information. For example, when you are playing a video. Also, remember that Apple had to remove the percentage indicator of the battery of iOS 11 in the status bar.

On the other hand we have the need to separate each corner of the upper part of the frame to use the new tactile gestures of the ears of the iPhone X. It makes the transition a bit easier . But ... yes, its design is not exactly a work of art.

In models of previous generations of the iPhone, the start button was the most iconic symbol. And, from now on, the "notch" of the iPhone X could be the new icon of Apple's smartphones (and tablets).

Via | Cult of Mac 

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